Information about cookies

Epoxit uses cookies, which are a small text file that is sent from the web server and is saved in the visitor’s web browser. The information contains, among other things, how the web browser has surfed on the website, which version of web browser has been used and information about which different pages have been visited.

Epoxit uses cookies to, for example, produce statistics on visitor behaviour on our website, and to get the website to function better. We also use cookies to save a user’s permission on our website, which amongst other things means goods saved in a shopping list; without cookies the shopping basket would not function equally well.

We use all our statistics in an anonymous and collected form. This means that we do not gain information about individual users, but only about traffic and traffic suppliers.

All visitors have the right to deny cookies, but there is a major risk that the website will not behave in an optimal manner if cookies are not accepted. All web browsers can be configured to not accept cookies. This is generally done under the Settings tab in the browser.

In compliance with Norwegian legislation concerning electronic communication, everyone must be informed if a website is operating cookies. By surfing you consent to the use of cookies on the website.